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Date Topic
June 24, 2015 Evolution of Cooperation (Altruism)
July 1, 2015 Latest Technology from Pet Tutor®
July 29, 2015 Scripts for the Cultural Fog
August 5, 2015 Going Full Time Training with Veronica and Gina
August 12, 2015 Writing Better Client Notes and Case Reports
August 19, 2015 Cognitive Biases and Applied Behavior
August 26, 2015 P- and R- and the Humane Hierarchy
September 2, 2015 Dealing with Euthanasia in Our Practices


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Past Webinar Recordings Archive
AcademyFest 2014 Highlights (2)
Academy Levels Introduction
Adapting Standard Plans to B-Mod
Adult Dog Play: Considerations
All About Retrieves
Antecedent Interventions
Are Aggression Cases for You?
Aversives: Efficacy vs. Ethics Arguments
B-Mod Scenario Quizzes
Behavior Problems Quiz
Behavior Chains
Behavior Evaluations in Shelters
Body Handling Problems
Body Handling Video Case Study
Body Language Practice (2 webinars)
Boundaries: Personal and Professional
Branding Primer
Breeds and Behavior
Breeds Quiz
Brief History of Corporal Punishment
Business Matters
CED ("It's Not Working") Troubleshooting
Canine Compulsive Disorder
Case Studies (4 Parts)
Cognitive Biases and Applied Behavior
Compassion Fatigue in Dog Trainers
Counseling Quiz
Counseling Scripts
Counterconditioning without DS
Creating Dog Visuals
Crisis Management
Critical Thinking Practice
Curriculum Design
Day Training
Deconstructing Training Methods
Developmental Events
Discussion: Standing For or Against?
Discussion: The Client's Call
Client-Centered Dog-Dog Counseling
Dog-Dog DS/CC Video Case Study
Dog-Dog On Leash Procedure Review
Dog-Dog Play Problem Video Case Study
Dog Behavior Quiz
Dog Training Culture Wars (4 Parts)
"Do As I Do" Experimental Lit Review
DRI Criteria Splits
Ease of Modification Continuum
Enrichment on a Budget
Efficiency in Case Work-Ups
Ethics Case Studies
Evolutionary Psychology
Evolution of Altruism
Exploiting TDS Resources: Practice Plans
The Family Dog: Working with Families
Fear and Aggression Tech Video Quiz
Fear with Debbie Jacobs
Fixed or Plastic? Understanding MAPs
Food Guarding Tips
Generating Owner-Friendly Scripts
Getting Your Finances in Order
Gear Primer
Graphic Design and Logos

Grooming Add-On Services
Housetraining Cases
Chirag Patel: "Husbandry is My Agility"
Husbandry Project Training Plans
Husbandry Project Video Deconstructions
Immediate Causes/Adaptive Significance
Independent Contractors vs. Employees
Infinity Latency and Prompt-Jumping
Inside Invisible Fence
Kathy Sdao: Force to Leadership to Plenty
Latest Cognition Research
Latest Domestication Findings
Learning Quiz
Leash Reactivity DRI Video Case Study
Marketing and Sales
Mechanics Coaching
Motivational Interviewing
Multi-dog Households
Naming Your Business
Nosework Classes
Nutrition and Behavior
OC Quadrants Practice Webinars (3)
Off-Leash Wrangling Games for Classes
Overshadowing and Blocking
Overshadowing and Blocking Quizzes (2)
The Owner Signature
Plan Building Workshop
Play Skill Problem Case Study
Polished Puppy Program
Predatory Behavior
Prompting, Fading and Criteria
David Premack
Priority Behaviors
Professional Burnout
Pseudopregnancy: Sara Davies MRCVS
Puppy Classes
Puppy Events at Vet Practices
Quadrants as Evidence of Internal States
Rad Retrieves! Video Deconstructions
Reactive Dogs in Urban Settings
Reading and Evaluating Research Papers
Refereeing Puppy Play
Rescorla-Wagner Model of Classical Conditioning
Resource Guarding Case Studies
Rules of Punishment with Steve White
Scripts for the Cultural Fog
Scripts to Save Us from the Desert
SEO Basics
Senior Dogs Behavior Wellness
Sep-Anx with Malena DeMartini-Price
Sticky Scripts for Key Client Concepts
Tax Catastrophes: Marie Poliseno CPA
Terrier-centric Training
The Case for SOPs and Transparency
Tour of The Dog Scientific Website
Technique Video Deconstructions
Terminology Quiz
Train at the Next Level
Training Plans Practice (2 Parts)
Training Problems
Tug and Toy Motivators
Writing Basics for Dog Trainers
Zebra Case Studies