About Our Graduates

Our Graduates are the Elite

Dog training is currently unregulated. Unlike for veterinarians or veterinary technicians, there is no required minimum education, no standard of care, no constraints on claims, no mandatory informed consent, and no consumer protection. Academy graduates have completed what is universally regarded as the most academically rigorous and technically challenging curriculum in the world for dog trainers.

Our students come from a variety of backgrounds. Some began as serious amateur trainers, shelter workers or shelter volunteers. Some are veterinarians seeking to add behavior to their practices. Some are transitioning to dog behavior counseling from other careers in the social sciences. Some are corporate cross-overs who have business and people skills that they want to put to work to better the lives of dogs and their families.

All our students came to The Academy seeking excellence, and graduated with a profound understanding of their craft. They've studied in depth the science behind animal learning, animal behavior and dog behavior, and have been trained in a wide variety of best practices in dog training and behavior modification. Our graduates also adhere to a code of professional and ethical conduct that includes transparency and informed consent about methods, side effects, and use only the most modern, evidence-based, humane and force-free practices.

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