The Technology

The lectures and quizzes are delivered through Articulate's award-winning e-learning suite, Studio 13. It works on PCs and Macs, and requires no software installation. Our online academic hub and discussion platform, The Dog Scientific, is run on Moodle. Our cyber hangout, The Academy Café, is on Facebook.

System Requirements
  1. DVD-capable drive
  2. Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later
  3. Mac: OSX 10.6X (Snow Leopard)
  4. Recommended minimum browsers (the stated version or later): Google Chrome 11, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Internet Explorer 10Opera 9.5, Netscape 7, AOL 8, CompuServe 7

We use Adobe Connect for our webinars, as it allows for video streaming. If you don’t have fast internet, you can still watch webinar videos via recordings, but may have difficulties streaming video smoothly live during the webinar. Click here for Adobe Connect system requirements.